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DOB: 12/2013

Arrived at BKU: 4/06/2015

When Hope was born her mother was 14 and her father only a few years older. Before Hope turned 6 months her mother was pregnant again. The father was beating the mother until finally the mother went back to her village. The mother knew that the father was related to a lady who ran an orphanage (Victoria) and decided to bring her 2 children to her. The mother kept the newest baby and gave Hope up. When Hope arrived she was malnourished, she had worms and was not being properly taken care of. As soon as she arrived she was brought to the nurse (Rose) and rose put her on drip for 2 days and did deworming. Hope is now 1 and a half years old and finally starting to walk. She has made tremendous progress.


Thank you my Sponsor