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Currently, babies’ dorm at Bright Kids Uganda is powered by small and old solar panels, which become unstable after years of use. There is no electricity supply in the early morning, while the power lasts for no more than 3 hours after sunset. It has largely restricted children’s opportunities to learn and play safely during their prime school years.

If electricity can be put into babies’ dorm, the dorm can provide a nurturing environment for children to move freely and to study late. In addition, electricity connection enables the dorm to assume more function and support a TV, a refrigerator, internet use and even charger for electronic devices. A TV will keep children around at night for educational programs instead of playing outside in darkness. A refrigerator can store vaccine, fresh drink and food to keep children healthy. Internet and charging will support children in higher classes to use laptops to do their homework. Since Uganda has a rigorous entrance exam system, without light to study in the evenings, children at BKU have less opportunity to stay intellectually competitive. Empower babies’ dorm helps level the playing field for these children to enter a better future.

The Budget for electricity connection is as follows:


Price (USD)

External site inspection fee by UMEME


Hiring electrical contractor


Wiring expense by an electrical contractor


Internal wiring inspection fee by UMEME


Pole service by UMEME


Meter installation


A television


A refrigerator


                                                   Total: 1750
  • UMEMEU Limited is Uganda’s main electricity distribution company

After connection, we will demonstrate to our children how to use electric safely and sustainably with hands-on experiences to ensure their security.