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Ronald is one of the greatest survivors from the LRA war in Northern Uganda (1986-2008).  He was rescued from the “Starch Factory” Internally Displaced Peoples Camp (IDPC) in Lira town with just days to live according to doctors.  Despite being 6 years old, he looked like a 3 year old, couldn’t walk, and had a hard time seeing because his eyes were swollen shut.  Doctors explained that the swelling was due to exposure to extreme cold during the nights, as he did not have any clothes or blankets.  After coming to Bright Kids, Ronald received treatment for worms, malnutrition and severe anemia.  He is now a vibrant young man, whom no one expected to survive.  If Bright Kids Uganda had to pick a hero of this 10-year project its Ronald Abong—who fought his war back from the brink of death to become a great young man.